Illusione Cigars – Ecommerce + Dealer Portal

Illusione Cigars – Ecommerce + Dealer Portal

Full site build using custom WordPress WooCommerce templates through Bootsrap architecture with active inventory listings, order history and new product additions through each year. New product launches tie to social media posts, trade magazine publications ( Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Snob, HalfWheel ) and social media postings that link to new product pages launch pages on the website.

Website is split between DTC with no pricing shown, and B2B with retailer log in and all prices shown on cart items, simplifying cart structure and tie to inventory database.

Banner ads also are created for each campaign throughout the year can also be viewed in our portfolio.

Instagram support with item launches for Featured Posts, Video assets for seasonal sales promotions, introduction of new store items and general instagram interest and follower allocation.

Live Site Link :

Instagram Link : #illusione_cigars